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donor child is for you who have a donor child or are on your way to this wonderful and fantastic life as donor parents.

Here you can find answers to the questions you might have or help other donor parents by sharing your own story.

Donor children’s stories

We have asked a few donor children to share their stories. What is it like growing up as a donor child? Is it part of their everyday lives? And how does the world around them react to it?

Funny quotes

“ “Luckily, I was the fastest sperm cell in the syringe.”

“Babies are made in a baby factory.”

A friend to his mum, “If he has two mother’s, is the one his grandmother?”

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Our board consists of donor parents and donor children that are prepared to answer the many questions you may have from their own personal experience.

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When Liza and her wife were going to have their first child they were very affected by what the world might say about having a donor child. Even people in their family believed that they could not take away the right of a child to know who their father is. Clearly Liza and her wife wanted nothing else but to do what was right for the child. Since their surroundings had created the impression that having a donor child was not ethically correct they had a lot to consider.