Funny quotes from donor children 

“I can always find my donor-dad on The Yellow Pages.”

Boy looks through a microscope and sperm cells, “But mum, then I could swim once upon a time.”

A friend to his mum, “If he has two mother’s, is the one his grandmother?”

“ “Luckily, I was the fastest sperm cell in the syringe.”

“Few, then I have a dad! I was getting a bit tired of all those women.”

“It doesn’t matter who my donor is, just as long as he is not a swede.”

A girl sees two women dressed in niqab with a child between them. “Look mum! The little boy also has two mummies. One in a black dress and one in a blue dress.”

“Babies are made in a baby factory.”

“Everyone from my class also wants to have two mums because I always say it is just the best.”