How many donor children can a sperm donor have?

Jan 9, 2020 | Donor child, Donor parents, Lawyer, Letterbox

How many donor children can a sperm donor have? I have heard of a sperm donor that had over 40 donor children but thought that the limit was 10.

It is true that the limit for how many families the donor can have is 1o in UK but every country has its own limits and some countries have no limits. If the sperm bank exports to the whole world then a donor can have hundreds of children and there are no rules that regulate this. The sperm bank must themselves choose whether they want to have a limit to how many children a sperm donor can be assigned to on a worldly plan. If the amount of children your sperm donor may be assigned to is important to you, then apply yourself critically and ask your sperm bank. If you for e.g, choose an open donor, where the donor has committed to a meeting when the child is 18 years old, then it is interesting for you to know how many other children the donor has that commitment to.


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