Esther & Aksel


Q&A with Esther and Aksel

Being a donor child can raise many questions. Watch these short videos to hear how Esther and Aksel answer them.

How do you view your donor?

This may be a difficult question. But Esther and Aksel have actually given it a lot of thought.

Listen to this video to learn how both Esther and Aksel view their donors.

Do you ever have to explain what it means to be a donor child to anyone at school?

Being a donor child can be difficult for other children in school to understand and it’s not always easy explain it either. But listen to how Aksel and Esther usually answer these questions in the video. 

Is anybody ever curious about you being a donor child and having two mums?

It’s not always easy for other people to understand what it’s like having two mums. Aksel has a good reason why that may be.

Do you ever think about the fact that you have many siblings?

When you are a donor child you may have many siblings. 

Listen to how Esther and Aksel reflect on this aspect in the video.

“Mum and Dad”

What does it feel like when everybody around you refers to your “Mum and Dad”? 

Sometimes you also have to teach the adults how to address this matter. Aksel has a good idea of how to remind adults around him.


Are there any advantages to having two mums?

Esther and Aksel have some good thoughts on this topic.

Listen to them in the video.

Do you have any questions for each other?

Both Esther and Aksel ask each other about their donor dads.

What do you call your donor?

This can be a tricky question. Watch the video to hear what Aksel and Esther call their donor.