I think a lot about what it means to be a sperm donor

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Blog, Donor

For this 21-year-old, the job as a sperm donor is much more than a flexible student job. It’s a good deed that makes him really happy.

Why did you choose to become a sperm donor?
I saw some commercials on the web and thought it would be a flexible and manageable student job. When I spoke with the donor coordinator at SellmerDiers, I realized that there is another good reason to be a sperm donor: helping someone who needs it. I think a lot about what it means to be a sperm donor. I have chosen to be an open donor and I also think about what to say if the children come to visit me one day. If I was a donor child myself I would expect my donor to have thought thoroughly about it and not just donated for the money.

What does being a donor mean to you?
It’s a nice feeling to help someone else. It’s nice to think that there may be someone who wants a child and now they have the opportunity. It really makes me happy to be able to help them. I know someone who can’t have children themselves and it’s really hard for them. So it’s great when it succeeds.

What did you consider before becoming a donor?
I have been thinking a lot about whether I can morally defend bringing children into the world who do not know their biological origins and whose lives I have no influence on. But I myself grew up with a step father and without my biological father, so I know that it doesn’t take blood to love a person like his father. And I trust that SellmerDiers selects donor parents who have the common sense and resources to give their children a good upbringing.

Why did you choose to be an open donor?
Because I think it’s a shame to bring children into the world without giving them the opportunity to get to know their biological origins. I do not want to call myself their “father” because it is a title you have to earn. I never talked to my biological father but if I wanted to I could get his contact information from my mother. This opportunity must be given to the donor children as well.

What would you say if you are approached by donor children in the future?
It all depends on what their needs are. Maybe they just want to see my face – maybe they want to hear my life story. I will meet them with open arms and be ready to answer anything they may want to ask.

What does your family and friends think about you being a sperm donor?
I am completely open about it. Before the initial meeting at SellmerDiers I told my mom. She is very open so even though it was a little taboo-breaking for her she thought it was cool. When I tell friends, acquaintances and classmates, I typically get childish reactions. They laugh a little and think it’s a bit disgusting or embarrassing. Or they ask if I am going to have a huge number of children who will come see me one day. My answer is that what goes on at the sperm bank is as natural as what’s going on at home. It’s a nice environment where everyone is very professional. At the same time it is very controlled so it is limited how many children are conceived with my semen – as the only semen bank they have a world-wide limit of 25 children.

To protect the anonymity of the donor we have chosen not to use his name or picture in the blog post. He has been an open sperm donor at sellmerdiers.com for approx. 1 year.


Are you considering having donor children?

There are several things to consider before commencing the journey to parenthood. One of them is selecting a donor who is just right for you.